Across the field

One of my Flickr contacts, Gary (ggphoto36), posted this compositional beauty today:

across the fieldBesides this being a beautifully rendered subject in its own right, it is the overall composition of the image that struck me.

Light – tone – is used to great effect within the distinct areas of the image; each area embracing a full dynamic range. So there is texture in the sky, the foreground, and an almost eerie feel to the barn building itself.

The compositional beauty here, however, is in the use of foreground lead-in. The field’s furrows occupy the majority of the image, yet they do not detract from the subject. Instead, they provide the context of distance perfectly, allowing the eye to walk up – line by line – into the scene; leading lines across the grain of the furrows.

Add to this the horizon being placed on the upper primary golden ratio (thus the subject in the smaller portion) and we have a great draw through the image.

Finally, on the lower secondary golden ratio, a flower perks up as a foreground interest anchor. This, additionally, is placed on the dominant diagonal (dominant because it is the direction implied by the roof). Thus, while subtle and perhaps missed consciously on the first glance, actually holding the image together.

Did I mention that I love the barn?

  1. Excellent graphic photo – excelled only by the complete diagnosis of how and why the picture has appeal. Quite often we are drawn to something and have no idea why that is so. We certainly can also learn from Ricks detailed description..

  2. Greta shot, great analysis. Look forward to more posts in your blog.

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