Cameron – The Heights Closed

Given that no images came my way, I decided to go looking for the next picture to review here. It wasn’t a long search; one of the first people whose recent work I perused was Jeff Presnail. Therein, I found this:

The Heights Closed

Photographically, there are many ways one can present any particular subject. This idea is one many people would take to mean there are many ways to portray the subject itself. But it can equally be applied to the setting in which the subject resides.

Our subject here – Cameron – is breaking several basic compositional guidelines. Prime amongst these is that he is not regarding the camera; there is no eye contact whatsoever. Further, the direction of his “movement” (or, in this particular instance, the way he is looking, as movement is clearly lacking) is outwards of the frame, on the horizontal. This is compensated for by the vertical portion of the image’s direction: there, at least, he is looking across the midpoint… just.

Interestingly, even without visibility of Cameron’s eyes, where his attention is fixed is clearly marked. What is so fascinating about that hinge, I have no clue.

But it is not the classic feline post that makes this image a compositional gem. It is the setting: pristine, beautifully balanced minimalism. The camera is very well placed, directly in front of the midpoint of the window, providing straight lines and even amounts of depth on each side. The backdrop of the shutters contains a glut of interest, but manages still to remain demure: the whole providing an in-image frame.

And then the crowning jewel: Cameron’s tail breaking out of the border.

Were any one of these details otherwise, the visual impact would be lost, or at least diminished.

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