The point is…

Accompanied by a moving story about joy, death, a sense of meaning and his birthday, my friend Aftab Uzzaman (aftab.) posted this compositional beauty.

The point is... Aftab has, for a long while, shown himself to be a master of simplified composition. His style often involves a limited palette and a very fine depth of field.

This image is no exception.

Through the use of a soft, gradiated background, our eyes are drawn first to the light; and so to the delicate structure that curves in with crystalline detail from the top right corner. There is sufficient detail there, just before it reached the brightest spot of the scene to keep us forever enthralled.

But the set of three additional lines branching off it tease our attention, indicating that there is still more to be found. And so we follow the indicated direction, through an area that is not so clearly defined, from light into the embracing curve of the end of days, where we are treated to a suspended jewel: a droplet that holds reflection not only of this life, but all it has encountered along the way. There our attention remains, in memory, holding to the tip which will soon shed its last tear.

To cap it, a slice of Aftab’s philosophy:

Life is like that drop. Will drop off any moment.
Then, what is the point of all these?
The point is the reflection it holds of the journey.
The point is you, everyone who touched my life.

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