Just as I am about to call it quits for today, I stumble across a new post from my Flickr friend Nina Skottun (guerriere). I had no choice but to give it its due write-up.

# 1

We hear it all the time: less is more. Sometimes, this is blatantly untrue. But if you want to capture the purity of emotional impact, then it is a statement that cannot be matched. A single flower – white on a white background; the only details slight variations of shading and two touches of soft colour, gold and green. How much less could we ask for?

And yet it is a scene that compels almost meditative calm. While the subject is the rich touch of colour within the frame, it is wrapped in gentle folds: precious, but allowed space. Can we view this with anything short of reverence?

I am sure that most people considering the composition here would pick up on the pairing of the positioning of the spadix across a golden ratio intersection, and the soft, slightly out of focus wrap of the spathe, tinged in delicate green. And while these are unquestionably central to the intrinsic appeal of this image, I believe the crowning touch is an even subtler element: on the right side of the image, the texture of that spathe is just in focus, clearly providing us with leading lines in the enveloping negative space. Subtle, perhaps unseen by most on first glance, but noted by the subconscious.

A flower shot that floats effortlessly above the crowds.

  1. How to write anything that could even come close to your description and maybe from a meditative state, completely mesmerized by the photo.
    I will just second these words “A flower shot that floats effortlessly above the crowds” and billions of flower shots on flickr…

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