One could almost believe that Aftab posted this image in response to me telling him that his previous one was rejected for having the horizon placed on a third rather than on a golden ratio.


It is undoubtedly the tones that give this image its kick. Sunsets by nature are evocative times; the boundary between light and dark, seen and unseen. Enhance those tones just a bit, and you have the full shrouding of magical mystery.

Now, I would not pick an image like this solely based on the capture of mood; this is, after all, a blog about composition. So what makes this image stand out?

The answers are simple.

Firstly, the negative space. All the subject, all the mood, is below the lower primary golden ratio. There is space for the sweeping scene of dusk-shrouded wilderness to breathe.

The second is also golden ratios, though positional: the horizon on the secondary, and the foreground tree on the horizontal, with the faintest line of a ridge behind it providing direction into the scene, from that bottom right corner.

Add to this the almost-silhouette nature of the foreground layer, and the similar layering effect of the sky behind the distant hills. It all adds up to an invitation to dive into the serene space.

  1. Colour captured and so insightful to read the compositional analysis…

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