It sings, It shines.

My Flickr contact Ananya Rubayat (dream_maze) has been doing some wonderful work of late with sweeping forms and abstract light. This one hits the composition nail on the head too.

It sings,It shines..

The real magic of this image must lie in those sweeping strands of abstract light. They draw the eye in, performing several compositional functions at once:

  • they are obviously leading lines to the area of the hand;
  • they provide framing about the alleged structure; and
  • on the right, despite the spread, they anchor the image.

But it is their whimsical, wispy appearance that really makes them stand out: uncertain and insubstantial, so all the more appealing within the stark realm they intrude upon. Combined, of course, with the sharp edges of shadow where they are most tightly grouped.

All this focus on the light allows the hand to float effortlessly, despite the clearly uncomfortable wrist angle. Its presence is not intrusive, as it also is anchored, and in the grand scheme of tonal range, is well muted, fading into its own shadow on the underside.

The whole, of course, works from being offset to one side, thereby creating a gentle sense of diagonal motion, and also allowing for a significant sweep of negative space to wrap the scene.

Dramatic, yet ever so subtle.

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