Abstraction in red and blue

With this shot from my friend Hennie Schaper (Art Rock (Hennie)), there was no question whether it would make it in here.

Abstraction in red and blue lines and curves

Despite its simplicity, this image is powerfully composed. While there is the obvious half-and-half split between red and blue, it is the way that is disrupted in the bottom left corner that makes it work, adding balance through asymmetry. The leading lines of the blades (whatever they really are) draw the eye into the gaping negative space that dominated the image, providing room to circulate until the fine minimal detail is re-acquired for contemplation.

That the whole also manages to anchor the sweep of the form into the bottom right corner keeps the scene steady. Simple, yes, but it works wonders.

Is there any wonder it is his favourite so far this year?

  1. Thanks Rick!

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