Le village

Another new name added to the list, my Flickr contact Lilian Lemonnier posted this beauty yesterday. It definitely needs to be viewed large, for the foreground to stand out.

Le village

There are several compositional aspects to this image that make it strong. The first is the obvious placement of the sun within the overall frame; the second the foreground interest.

On the positioning front, the sun sits perfectly on the secondary golden ratio on the left, and sandwiched between the lower primary and the skyline. That skyline itself straddles the GR line evenly, on average, over its length. While there might have been an argument to crop a bit from the top to get the sun on the golden ratio line, I don’t believe that would have added anything, unless it were balanced such that the overall crop had been a golden rectangle.

The foreground – requiring a large view to be properly appreciated – adds a touch of deep colour to an area that could very easily have been lost in the dark silhouette. This way, the distance to the village becomes apparent, providing context to the scene. There is depth here, not just a colourful sunset. That lit foreground also provides a subtle pointer towards the village and the sun (as if they needed more attention).

That the sky itself is filled with almost chaotic intersections elevates the overall shot above being just colour over a small (but sharp) silhouette.

  1. Nice find Rick with lovely layers leading into the horizon; almost ‘olde worlde’ atmosphere. The eye stays firmly on that one small church spire and of course the sun….

      • Rick Yagodich
      • May 31st, 2011

      Thanks Claire. But blame the photographer for finding it, not me… I only analyse.

      • No blame, only fame Rick….Lilian found the scene and had the talent to capture it but you ‘found’ the elusive picture..:)

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