The Rupture

Today’s subject is a photo from my friend Susanne Meyer (sannesu), in her first appearance within these posts.

The Rupture

Someone looking for one of the common compositional elements may look at this and wonder what I see in it. It is, after all, little more than tones of white and light grey, with a few darker squiggles breaking the otherwise plain softness.

Or is it?

There are no distinct leading lines here. Nor is there any particular focus on a golden ratio. Indeed, there is no primary subject other than the wholeness of the image. And therein, the secret of a good abstract. Of the two dominant lines, one is soft and willowy, gentle until it is disrupted on the rise by a crack. The other is more violent, but still flowing: it has the power of cresting waves (irrespective of their inversion). Within this stillness, there is motion. There is liveliness.

As for the texture, which in any small area may be rather simple and featureless, it plays host to an amazing array of cracks and curves – variations that allow the eye to wander at random and always find some new point of complex interest.

then, of course, one could take a step back, and take in the whole. You might then find something else you did not see before. Form, face, scream? Where does your mind lead you in this realm?

The underlying subject no longer matters. All import is the continued flow within the containing frame.

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