Hello hurricane.

Once more, a stunning piece of work from my friend Ananya Rubayat (dream_maze).

Hello hurricane..

As with Ananya’s previous effort that got a mention here, this image includes very distinct motion blur. It also breaks several portraiture rules. But all to good effect.

Show the subject’s face, especially the eyes. At least that is what the text books on portraiture would have you believe is the best way to picture a person. Here, that the subject’s face is obscured by her own hair and the angle only serves to emphasise the streaked motion of her arm. It helps give the impression of turbulence and chaos suggested by the title.

Adding to this the heavy grain in the image, the roughness of the setting (despite it being shot against an apparently plain wall), and the pain of the situation is emphasised. The hurricane in question is an emotional one.

Now, all those effect would be as nothing if it weren’t for the excellent use of negative space – a huge expanse of emptiness almost trying to push the subject out of the frame. Which brings us to the pose, which manages to combine both into and out-of frame direction in a single stance: while she faces inwards, the arm across her body and the volume of hair on the left imply force attempting to move her outwards. A violent balance.

Overall positioning of elements is also very strong, though not exact. The subject is placed almost on a complex horizontal golden ratio: at the 0.618 : 1.618 division (that ratio falls in the inner corner of her right eye). Vertically, the felt eye is perfectly on the lower golden ratio – looking downwards, which adds emphasis to the sadness of the scene.

A powerful rendition of emotional turmoil.

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