With all the colour

My break over, it is time for a bit of (spelling-corrected) colour from Jessica Islam Lia (evening sun.), and a beautiful model.

With all the color

Portraiture is a wide-ranging area within photography. The head shot just one of dozens of ways of representing a person. While the most common rules say you should make contact with the subject’s eyes, this image demonstrates the limitation of that approach. Instead of using the direct connection between viewer and subject to establish the sense of “person,” this shot takes a more delicate – even subtle – approach. Well, if you can call almost fluorescent green tones subtle.

While the colour itself may not count as subtle, it is from a compositional perspective. In this case, the paired swathes – left and right, near and far – provide a containing frame for the subject. Combined with the vignette-like effect of the light fall-off on the corners means that the bright colours become soft wrappings, delicately cupping the subject’s face.

The framing alone would probably be enough to make this shot stand out. There is, however, a further detail that elevated it further still: the sense of direction down the subject’s face represented by the line from eye to nose stud… specifically in that it is echoed in the strands of hair connecting eye and mouth.

A sensually delicate shot, that uses bright colours to maximum effect.

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