Time now to catch up on some images posted by friends over the last few weeks while I have not been available to give them due credit. First up is this intriguing piece from Jenny Downing.


As I consider this image, I find not only a great sense of balance between the dark and light tones, but also plays in lines – and their breaking. Too, a very subtle sense of space. The combination of mechanical (cast iron) symmetry with the organic nature of rock is a fabulous contrast: that the bars are not quite regular but having a slight repeating offset pattern means they are not drab; there is no risk of being bored by monotony. That ripple pattern helps emphasise the various forms in the placement of the stones between the bars: one straight line which gives a sense of direction, though broken on the end, and a second wavy one. It is alive. It is organic.

Then, there is the space – the emptiness between the bars. Those contained fields are most interesting because each is a thin picture in its own right, tight frame to a stone or two… with an unusual form of negative space filling each out.

An amazingly alive find, considering it is but iron and stone.

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