Time once more for another offering from Aftab Uzzaman (aftab.) whose trip to Africa almost two years ago continues to provide a stead stream of excellent imagery.


Yet again, this is an image that is extremely simple in its structure, and it is that simplicity which gives it impact.

Admittedly, within the foreground, there appears to be busyness; the combines stripes of 26 zebras does not equate with simplicity. But that mass of equine life amounts to a single entity. Its position, places immediately above the line of a hidden body of water, stands upon the golden ratio within the shallow area beneath the horizon.

There is, indeed, a perfectly composed image within the lower potion of the overall scene. The herd of zebras reached to the secondary golden ratio on the right, and the wilder-beast and ostrich frame them; the latter on a tertiary golden ratio.

All this is impressive enough in itself, but the picture is made whole by the inclusion of a huge swathe of negative space within the sky; almost featureless grey to offset the burning browns and oranges of the expansive plain.

A picture that draws one in, stopping everything, to then release a wild serenity that demands a deep breath.

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