You call me a stranger

Time now for a contribution from another Flickr contact, who posts only occasionally: Pranabesh Das (Sh@won)

You call me a stranger

The subject here is perhaps not the most exciting – dove and light bulb – but the composition of the image makes it most interesting. Silhouetted palms against a deep, silky storm sky will always be dramatic; but to set them back as only a baseline anchoring element creates a powerful canvas onto which to place the primary subjects.

The positioning of the subjects is excellent, especially on the vertical (though it could be a fraction better on the horizontal). The height of the tree line is questionable at best, given how much it varies, but it does git comfortably across the lower primary golden ratio. The top of the bird’s head likewise just touches the secondary golden ratio line. Most interesting is the position of the wires that hold everything together: on the double-ratio; the position that is at φ : 1/φ (0.618 : 1.618, or 27.7%) of the spanned distance.

Horizontally, the subjects sit just outside the primary and secondary golden ratio lines; a slight crop on the left would enhance this, but it is very strong already.

Lastly, there is the matter of exposure. To retain detail in a bright light source against a gloomy sky, and of an accompanying subject is a noteworthy achievement.

This overall simplicity turns an image of a rather plain subject into something most intriguing.

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