three doors

Today, I bring you a first appearance within this blog of another of my Flickr contacts, Florian Sprenger (mav_at).

three doors

The composition of this image caught my eye because it is a large-scale rendition of something many people have trouble with: the combination of layers with distinct depths of field (far more difficult than it sounds in the realm of macro photography). The three doors here create a receding sense of depth, stepped leading lines. That they are so clearly on different planes with respect to focus means that they work extremely well as layers, despite the continuity of colour (or lack thereof).

Also playing into the balance of this image is the width of each element of door; the second and third being mostly equal, but the nearest shorter – not a golden ratio, but sufficiently different to be balanced. And speaking of balance, the inclusion of the door frame on the right side of the image was key to making this work overall.

There happens to be a well placed golden ratio within the frame: the furthest door handle is astraddle it.

Lastly, with so much horizontal play built into this image, it is appropriate that the vertical is relatively sedate – the prominent handle being positioned right on the middle line; a hint at the lack of movement along that axis, belied by the offset of the window in the far door.

Simple, but very nicely balanced.

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