A message

I have waited a long time, but not in vain, for my friend Elise Hibbard (elise*marie) to post something within her project to take a picture a day since leaving art school that deserved a place within this blog. In the last week, several have hit that mark; this, the most dramatic of them.


Old typewriters are very photogenic objects. They are naturally symbolic of the story (anyone who believes a picture is worth a thousand words has not been confronted by a perfectly crafted sentence). And the typewriter with missing keys has a broken, damaged story to tell.

In this image, the subject is in itself a very powerful compositional element. There is a message in those few keys remaining with their lettering intact; subtle and mysterious. Appealing: inviting one to think deeper, to search for resolution.

And that simplicity – with its deeper complexity – and the almost too perfect cleanliness of the blanked keys, makes for a perfect example of minimalism. Despite the expanse of grey negative space, the eye is drawn immediately to the subject, placed as it is within bounds defined by golden ratios, and the question within those remaining characters. That the whole image is in natural black and white, except for the blue plastic shell of the casing and a strip of faux wood, only serves to emphasise the sterility of the world where words are absent.

A powerful masterpiece.

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