Kitchen table craftworks

Finally, after a draught in her posts, it is time for a contribution from my friend Ambreen (thelabyrinthine).

The appeal of this image is clear from first viewing, even if only a thumbnail is available: the simple geometric lines, built around a strong corner to corner diagonal. The convergence within the secondary elements creates a compound leading line that draws us quickly through the scene, towards the top corner.

Of equal interest is the positioning of the paint tray within the frame: the intersection of the edge and the compartment divider is positioned perfectly on a primary horizontal golden ratio (within the main image, not the matting). Given the low-colour palette, the strong lines and use of a golden ratio make this image into a strong abstract, despite the wording on one of the tools.

A surprisingly powerful piece of art, created through a phone!

    • Claire
    • July 15th, 2011

    Absolutely luscious to the point of being luxurious. Brilliant work; subdued but irridescent colours and superb composition…Superb quality taken by a phone! A great find and quite intriguing..

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