Today, I bring you a picture of solid compositional distinction from my friend Wendy Erlendson (Wenspics), who has a way of processing that can give a picture a touch more colour punch.


Besides the basic fact that it is a glorious sunset and so will catch most people’s attention anyway, there are quite a few compositional elements going into this image, to hold one’s attention. Starting at the very front, we have the foreground interest of a bank of crop, caught with a touch more illumination that the rest of the image’s base; backlit for extra lightness. This acts as an anchor, providing both an entry point and a more complete sense of depth.

Next, we have a series of leading lines, diagonals, all pointing towards the primary subject (the silhouetted tree). These are the tree’s own shadow, the dark barrier between the two fields, and the break in the clouds that further anchors the image in the top right corner. The first two of those, by intersecting, take the sense of direction and give the basis of a plane, helping to further accentuate the depth in the image.

Topping things off we have the overall layout of the image: the horizon just above the golden ratio (at least it isn’t below), the tree nestles up against a horizontal primary and the sun straddling a secondary. Also, there is the wonderful sense of texture for the depth of tone in the clouds.

A beautifully peaceful moment.

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