your pronouncements will find you out

It is time for another offering from Kate Mellersh, who has an uncanny ability to make art out of the strangest details in the most every-day situations.

your pronouncements will find you out

Take a simple plant resting upon a concrete paving stone, and casting an elongated shadow. Then frame it correctly. Simple, but every detail must be just right if it is to be balanced composition. The difference in colour between the twig and seed pods, and the harsh ground needs to be just right. The depth of the shadow cast must match the brightness of the green, but in opposition. These tones are only part of the tale – next the cast shadow must be aligned such that it stretches across the scene, triangular in shape, from edge to edge, grounding it.

The crack between paving stones is another fundamental element here: it acts as anchor to the scene, giving a sense of alignment. Which brings us to the use of golden ratios within the shot: the crack being on a tertiary vertical (it does not matter that there is considerable leeway within the width of the crack, it is still over it). The lowest tip of the seed pod’s wing reaches the lower primary golden ratio. On the horizontals, all the green sits just to the right of the primary line, with the dominant seed pod (and its wings) squeezed between the secondary and tertiary lines on the right.

The result of this elongated subject within an almost square image with a dominant framing element and triangular subject is a vast swathe of negative space, allowing the image to breath.

A dramatic, vibrant still life.

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