Ascending Iota

We return now to the work of Keith Rajala (maclobster), whose previous analysed image appeared four months ago.

Ascending Iota

Despite the limited tones and elements making up this image, it is profoundly powerfully composed. Fundamental to that is the split (or virtual) diagonal that is the heart of the image, from bottom left to top right, the band of whiteness is bound on both sides by the darker elements. The diagonal is clearly there, prevalent, without actually being marked in itself.

That the mountain does not quite reach the top of the frame, along with a tonal change in the snow half way up provides a dominant triangular element, with the bottom right foreground element providing a second for balance. Adding the exposed rock in the bottom left corner finally anchors the whole. As a last element – as if it’s really needed – the six mountaineers give a sense of scale.

Powerfully simple, compelling grandeur.

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