Let There be Light!

This next image is a stunning piece of work from my friend Susanne Meyer (sannesu).

Let There be Light!

In photography, the finest detail can make all the difference between a wasted shot and a good one; between good and exceptional. This shot falls into the latter category; the detail being the finest sliver of the depth of field. That the inside of the seed pod – the veined structure – is sharp while the surrounding body is deeply blurred gives the whole an ethereal feel, like a dancing flame. Looking further down the pod, we find the fur likewise coming into sharp focus, but slightly masked in a haze of orange mist. It dances.

The horizontal position of the whole on the golden ratio works perfectly, an that the heart of the veined, focused area is on the vertical midpoint keeps the whole grounded in reality (rather than being pure art for its own sake). The additional curve of a foreground stalk cutting across the subject anchors the picture nicely in that bottom corner.

An absolutely stunning piece of work.

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