patience is all, sit and wait

Time now for a visit with Lola, expertly composed by Kate Mellersh.

patience is all, sit and wait

While some might find Lola’s ginger cuteness to be the immediate draw in this image (and there is no doubt it captures one’s attention), the real attraction is in the composition. the real-world depth that exists between viewer and subject is clearly conveyed through the fold in the curtain, which provides a leading line in from the corner of the image. Add to this the S-curve between that leading line, Lola’s body and looping tail, and the organic nature of the image is retained. While there is no clear usage of golden ratios, the S-curve does bounce off them rather nicely, with Lola’s head between primary and secondary verticals, the base of her tail on the secondary and the tip just about touching the primary.

This usage of a leading line and S-curve all below the primary vertical golden ratio obviously fills the rest of the scene with negative space, and the secondary leading lines – above and below – of the curtain’s lower edge.

Captivating minimalism.

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