Rosely Redux

Finally, we get to see an example of the work of one of the best photographers I know, when it comes to working with models and studio lighting: Andy Poupart (andy_57).

Rosely Redux

While one might get captured by Rosely’s strikingly beautiful features and held by the intensity of her gaze in this image, these features are only half the story. The model’s attributes are revealed through two elements the photographer brings to the table: powerful lighting and a composition that perfectly complements the shape and tone of the subject.

The first thing I noticed (having finally torn my eyes away from Rosely’s) was her right arm, nestled perfectly into the the bottom left corner. This plays two roles: framing – by virtue of providing an edge to the area the eyes need to explore, even though there is more to the model – and anchoring – because it provides stability to compensate for the slight diagonal body angle.

The other main element coming into play in this image is the use of negative space: Rosely’s face is entirely to the left of the middle line, and (but for the tip of her chin) entirely in the upper half of the image. There is the negative space on the right, the more populated negative space in the bottom left (negative in that it is not the primary focus of the model’s face) and even a third area in the restricted focal corner: to the left of the subject’s face.

While there are a lot of halves coming into this picture, it still manages to balance golden ratios nicely: the upper vertical primary is just under Rosely’s nose, while the right-side primary of the focal corner passes through her right eye. (Is this stretching things a little? I think not – the quartering is the dominant composition, meaning that golden ratios should come in within that segmentation, not before it.)

A starkly beautiful model, captured in a way that emphasises her features.

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