Hands off the 8 ball!

We have now a first appearance of William Pearson (ben.pearson.007) within this blog.

Hands off the 8 ball!

Definitely not your every-day shot, it is the intentional use of motion blur, and abstraction of a moved subject, that caught my attention with this. The sepia processing provides a nicely rustic feel, complementing the wooden wall and felt-backed dart board. And it is that sense of mood that then makes the setting, of a pool game in process, work so well.

Even the clear motion of the 8-ball, with the double image, and the lesser motion of the other balls, would not make for solid composition without the somewhat mysterious streaking from the upper right corner, creating a triangle with the arrangement of the balls. An arm? Whatever it is, it provides the touch of balance to make this shot interesting.

I have to admit that I am very surprised at the lack of attention this shot has received from others on Flickr; it may not be conventional, but it works.

  1. Really happy to see Ben’s picture here Rick. It has a nice feel to it…

    • ben pearson
    • August 4th, 2011

    There are so many variables that has potential for contributing to an image. You have clearly helped myself and many others become aware of this. Without this feedback I would just assume this to be another dud. Thank you Rick.

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