Little Lizzie

It has been a long wait, but finally Claire McFarlane (missnoma) has produced a shot deserving of a spot in this blog.

Little Lizzie

The elements making up this shot are all very simple, and as so often, it is simplicity that makes the scene work. The combination of the hinted-at diagonal texture of the floor surface, and the subject’s gentle S-curve along a similar line create an engaging flow, especially in light of the earthy tones of the Skink’s skin against the bright red of the background.

The further use of the vertical golden ratio (ignoring the border attached to the image) for placement of the eye keeps a sense of balance: into the frame, at least on the vertical. The only slight weakness is that on the horizontal, the eye is a little off the secondary golden ratio line… but it’s close enough that only the pedantic would notice.

  1. Thank you Rick for the very timely post, well considered and appreciated and such a coincidence …
    From your “iamnota 5483&#”

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