Her shelter, her storm..

Continuing the rapid-fire run of posts, next up we have another offering from Ananya Rubayat (dream_maze), again demonstrating that motion within a black and white image can be stunning.

Her shelter,her storm..

There are two ways to look at this image: with the subject being either the model’s face, or the power of the spun umbrella. This duality makes for a powerful balance, as each subject is secondary to the other. It is enhanced by the contrasting luminosity between the two elements.

From the perspective of the model, this image is about uncertainty tempered by curiosity; self-preservation countered with eagerness. The model’s placement of the secondary horizontal golden ratio provides for the huge scope of negative space which assaults her “shield.” She may be beaten down, but there is a smile suggesting an indomitable spirit.

Looking at the image from the perspective of the shield, we have an expression of power in the umbrella’s circular motion. It dominates the frame, the way a weather system can create a swirl of clouds that engulfs half a continent. The model then anchors that expanse of twirling power.

Enigmatic and powerful -a great sense of balance.

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