A couple of days late, another captivating offering from Kate Mellersh.

As I study this image, I wonder what about it immediately captured my attention. The elements I would normally expect are not present. Instead, there is intensity and a distinct slant on the portrayed reality. Yes, it is the Chiaroscuro-type contrast that makes the subject stand out so prominently: black and white, with only the faintest touches of green-gold outlining the shapes. That glowing hue is perfectly matched by the sky deepening to blue.

A key detail of the image’s composition is the subtle diagonal: corner to corner, yet the subject matter manages to appear not the be arcing in that way. This is nicely offset by the position of the sun in the opposite corner, acting as an anchoring element. Of course, there is the most obvious detail: the inversion. Is it reflection, or an image flipped? (My money is firmly on the latter, for several reasons.) This, I believe, would not work without the sun’s anchoring presence.

Intense, yet subtle.

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