Direction of Flow

Next, a re-shoot from Keith Rajala (maclobster); an image I discovered he had taken before but had escaped my notice. This version, however, is far superior.

Direction of Flow

It is hard to decide which aspect of this image jumps out at me the most in the fist instance. Is it the glorious, lively colours? Or am I drawn by the velvety S-curve of streaked, foaming water? Both are elements that demand attention. Though it is mostly concrete, the wet tones, with subtle low-lights of moss, make this image come alive.

The position of the divider line, between the foreground wall and the steps, into the bottom right corner anchors the composition solidly. The water cascading down a great distance – yet barely making it out of that corner – gives us a great pattern to follow; not a single line but evolutionary curves. Then, we have the recursion of steps: repetition to create a leading line at cross purposes to the individual step edges. We are drawn in and through on the diagonal to the top left corner.

great motion in a static setting; great life in a harsh setting.

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