Edith Cavell

Next, somewhat late relative to when it was originally posted, another excellent slice of wilderness from Keith Rajala (maclobster).

Edith Cavell

This image contains all of the building blocks that make up a great landscape image (even when it is shot in portrait). Starting, as we must, in the foreground, there is an element of interest; in this case a cairn. This structure serves a double purpose: to give the viewer something that provides a sense of scale – a conceptual starting point from which to explore the depths; and, consequently, as a visual anchor, giving meaning to what is beyond.

Beyond the foreground is the depth. Not a lot of the image needs to be used for this, but the arrangement of its elements through a clear sense of perspective takes the eye from the foreground to the majesty of the main subject area. In this instance, perspective is provided by the floating ice, and there is the added bonus of beautiful tones.

The completion of a large scenic shot such as this comes in the form of the actual subject, which must in itself be dominant and impressive… it’s scale having been established by the foreground and depth. Here, the huge mountain, so large it towers straight up, provides that sense of awe.

Additionally, here, we have the tongue of a glacier reaching in on the right side, aligned directly with the cairn. This bonus diagonal, with the extended rim of the ice pack and the foreground rocks, provides a further S-curve to hold everything together.

Dramatic power, with glamorous colour.

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