Standing on the edge

After a rather long gap, it is time for another offering from Nick Ciprian Pastinica (lightwelder)

This is a very interesting image, not just from a compositional perspective, but also for the mystery of how it was created.

Compositionally, it appears to be rather straightforward: an edge-of-frame subject that fades out with a huge swathe of negative space. In itself, that is a compositional model that can work. What has been done here is an above-average take on the approach. Placing the subject in the middle of the image might not, to those who understand composition, feel like the most intuitive approach. It does, however, work; very effectively. The key is that the centring is not quite perfect; rather, one foot is on the centre line. This slight offset is balanced by the tone of the foreground at the top of the image, where there is a patch of brighter texture on the right. A subtle unbalancing offset by a subtle feature.

That the subject is mere reflection, and incomplete, actually makes the shot work. We can see a person, feet planted firmly on the edge of the frame, but as we follow the abstraction of that shape up, we encounter a world of interleaved texture: a foreground that is negative space, yet full of fascinating granular detail.

A perfect abstraction.

  1. Thank you for blogging this Rick. It’s always a pleasure to read your analysis.

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