Making a Splash!

Next, a picture from a Flickr contact, Bobbie Sue (faeriesdragon), who has been somewhat inactive of late.

Making a Splash!

When it comes to centring a subject, there are ways to do this effectively, and ways not to. One obvious way to pull it off is to include so much motion – so much force – in the scene that placement becomes almost irrelevant, allowing the middle of the scene to be the safest location. That technique is used here: jets of water shooting upwards as bucket-loads being dumped with gravity. That all that power is frozen in time does not matter; it is still very visible. This balanced direction holds the subject steady in the middle.

Another aspect within the image that makes it work is the use of contrast; in this case it is not within most areas (very little detail within the surfaces of the face) but between different elements of the image, and within the texture of the water; in effect a type of detail-minimalism.

Also, there is that powerful group of S-curves formed by the model, arm to leg (and a secondary using the other arm), that allows the eye to migrate around the centre of force created by the moving water. Of note also are the two lights in the rear of the scene: elements that could be considered distractive, except that their removal would lose a stabilising triangle, as they anchor the form created by the water falling from above.

Unusual, effective and playful.

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