Once more, a great image from Elise Hibbard (elise*marie) provides a very different take on composition.


This image mixes textbook composition with an unusual twist to create a compelling final image. On the traditional side, we have the very prominent leading lines of the footsteps in the sand, tightly anchored in the corner. It is interesting to note that they lead away from us, into the scene, past the subjects, where they clearly double back: a lead-in that does not complete, but also does not continue on. There is story in the making of those prints.

The next traditional element is the framing done by the water: another anchor which provides context in depth as well. While showing us how far into the scene we can go, it also limits the distance we can drift, keeping us focused on the subjects. There is a third – subtle – anchoring element in the tuft of grass in the bottom right corner.

As for the twists, the most obvious is clearly the tilt to the scene. This is an excellent example of how a non-straight horizon can enhance an image, when it is clearly intentional. In this case, it emphasises the excitement being expressed by the couple who are subjects. And their active poses – quite clearly jumping with joy – bring the scene to life. They do not look unnatural, as such a scene so easily could; because of, I believe, the tilt.

A perfect expression of happiness.

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