It’s been over a month since Ananya Rubayat (dream_maze)’s last image that was picked up here, and this newest is following the minimalist theme of recent posts.


The second rule of image composition: never centre your subject. The first: all rules are available for breaking if you understand why. This is a beautiful example of the first rule in action: a small subject smack in the middle of the frame. And it works. The key, of course, is that the actual subject – the bird – is only the tip of the story. With everything in stark silhouette, the entire triangular supporting structure is the compositional subject, within a sea of soft pastel space.

This double view in the subject provides, in its internal structure, both anchoring and leading lines. While the balance of the subject centring is fooled by it all being black outline, the inner pattern clearly moves the eye to the bird. It is compositionally directional (but without any sense of movement).

Simple and zen-like. Peaceful. Powerful.

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