One of the earliest people to have an image subjected to critique here, Ethan (cormend), recently posted another that warrants analysis.


An image such as this can raise deep questions about what actually makes a solid, compelling scene. Fundamentally, this is two images: a part of a landscape of some sort, out of focus and distorted, and a foreground layer of texture, the distorting element applied to the other. Together, they create an abstract interest: variation and interest, without a need to reveal the underlying answers.

Perhaps the key to this balanced mystery is that the background scene is little more than bands of solid colour while the foreground is very much alive: it flows with diagonals and the solid presence of landing raindrops. There is also the large variance in colour and contrast within each of those streaks of water; echoes of the background in the smallest detail.

Somehow peaceful despite the intensity of the storm.

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