Just Fog and Dennis

Hot on the heels of Lorraine Anderson‘s last post to make it into this blog – posted, as it happens, on the same day – we have this

Just Fog and Dennis

This is an interesting silhouette image, in that the dark subject manages to be the centre of attention, where it is generally the brighter parts of an image that are of the most interest. In this case, it is because there is detail within Dennis’ outline (and the tripod), and because the expanse of blue and white negative space is so gentle in its transitions. Additionally, the foreground being silhouetted into the corner as an anchor, accompanied by the horizon acting as a leading line (the combination giving us a triangular pointer), direct our attention over to that figure.

Interestingly, it is perhaps a combination of double golden ratio placement, and out-of-the-frame direction – that Dennis appears to be taking his picture of something we cannot see instead of the early morning fog – that clinches the composition.

Simple drama, with added mystery.

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