Red Rock Country

It’s been a while since one of Andy Poupart (andy_57)’s images was featured here, and that time, it was portraiture. Here, we see another side of his talent.

Red Rock Country

The most immediate aspect of this image that jumps out is not positional or structural composition. It is tonal range: there is a completeness of the palette used. It does not matter that luminosity is generally consistent across the entire scene: distinction of form is clearly emphasised in colour. This clarity is also enhanced by the prominence of texture within the scene – as much colour as intensity – with trees scattered across red soil and the clumpy brushed clouds breaking up the sky.

As this is a landscape, those two techniques help make everything interesting – the eye can drift across the entire scene and find something to be fascinated with.

Though perhaps not the most interesting foreground, the tree in the bottom corner acts as an anchor, which combined with patterns in the texture and the geological strata provides a gentle sense of direction across the image.

All in all, a very pleasant and peaceful view.

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