Keeping with the recent theme of abstraction, we have this intriguing piece from Ananya Rubayat (dream_maze).


While the principle behind creating this image is simple enough – dangle a string of lights and shake it – the resultant effect is nothing short of a captivating composition. Of immediate interest is the extreme contrast, with deep blacks and streaks of blow-out white. This forces the eye to concentrate on the subject of those lines, and the chaotic dance they represent. That these forms are largely embedded within a triangular area – actually very distorted, but still triangular composition – gives the eye a pleasant form to roam within, being drawn vertically across the horizontal strings of light.

While this pattern of lights would make a captivating abstract on its own, the presence of a person – the photographer herself – to give the scene context makes it into a story. It adds interest. This is very subtly done, with only hints of form – dark on dark; leaving the focus where it belongs, on the lights, while providing just enough information for us to build up the larger picture for ourselves. The horizontal placement of these elements – lights and face – are excellent advanced golden ratio work. The face is on the double golden ratio, and the centre of the lights on the primary between that and the edge of the frame. Overall, edge to lights to face to edge, teh ratios are 1.618 : 1 : 1, creating very harmonious balance while emphasising prominence.

A fun concept, well executed.

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