The sun gives to all an aura…

Falling back into my pattern of being a little late posting, here is another from Claire McFarlane (missnoma).

The sun gives to all an aura...

Colourful sunsets are simple enough… just about anyone can capture a half-decent one, with fascinating tones. Lacing it with a strong composition so that the image stands out even when the colours are not considered is somewhat harder. This is a good example of a simple trick that works in this way: the use of a reflective foreground to provide a leading line through the silhouetted portion of the scene. Of course, the softness of the tones do help.

The placement of the sun on the right, in combination with the left-attached lead-in gives a sense of direction across the scene; the eye passes through the fine detail of trees before reaching the heart of brightness. This one simple addition to the basic sunset colours makes for a far more dynamic scene.

Now, this image is not – in my view – perfectly cropped. The arrangement is such that the right-most tip of the foreground water reached to the golden ratio, rather than the sun straddling that line, and the horizon has not been placed on the vertical golden ratio (though it is in the vicinity).

Quite enthralling, especially with the cloud texture offsetting the silhouette.

  1. An absolute surprise; thank you Rick, I am tickled pink!

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