Sun bathing

My Flickr contact Allison (snippets_from_suburbia) may not be the most frequently featured in this blog, but when she shows up, there is a sweet harmony to her work.

Sun bathing, by snippets_from_suburbia

The first thing about this image that jumps out is the Spartan feel – an immense field of darkness within which the subject has found the one tiny band of warm light, and so settled down to enjoy every bit of it. This minimalism of subject within such negative space draws the eye in, especially as assisted by the horizon line (the lit floor): there is so much room to wander, yet one is drawn inexorably to Domino.

The minimalism is also present in the tones: black, white and a few hints of soft brown. Oh, plus one piercingly blue eye.

The use of the centre line for vertical alignment, rather than a golden ratio or such, works specifically because of the floor surface, and the blurred reflection that results. The pool of brightness sits comfortably in the middle, balanced by its non-uniformity.

And lastly, we have the precision of the crop that makes this image work so well. There are subtle golden ratios at play here: the length of Domino’s tail is a golden ratio of the distance from his butt to his eye (the one in darkness), which happens to be perfectly positioned on the double golden ratio. And from the eye to the right edge is – yes – the same distance as from the tip of his tail to the eye. He is curled up around the gold.

Purely priceless.

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