Sunset over Minden Riverwalk Park

Next up for an analysis is a Canadian winter sunset by (first-time featured) contact Pavel Muller.

Sunset over Minden Riverwalk Park, by Pavel M

This image has many of the classic aesthetic qualities of a good sunset going for it, but it is the well-balanced composition that holds it together. The combination of soft light and silhouette is powerful in any situation, but this scene does lack the tones-of-red colouration of the sky that attracts many.

Instead, it is the way the light falls on the river’s surface, picking out the soft mist that floats above it that creates the magic here. That bright fire on the water provides the stunning contrast with the silhouetted trees: ingredients for drama. This lighting provides a powerful leading line that also acts as an anchor in the lower right corner, balancing the anchoring line into the left corner (as formed by the edge of the bank’s shadow on the river): together, a dominant curve that demands we follow it, with a soft – sensual – path across the smooth water in between.

All of this draws us to the intersection of the double golden ratios in the lower-left: the intersection of the horizon line and the horizontal position of the afternoon sun. And the sun itself sits at the heard of another dominant feature: a triangle of trees. All these elements between them create depth that brings the scene alive.

A perfect calm.

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