Thanks to a small break in my other schedule, there is a moment… to again pick on Aftab Uzzaman (aftab.) and highlight another of his powerful compositions.


On sign of a strong composition is that the subject can be rendered in black and white, without the emphasis of dazzling colour, and still it holds our attention. This is a prime example of that: the blues and browns and greens are washed away, and still we are drawn by lines into the distance, and the magic that sits upon the horizon.

The clearest elements used here are the quintuple leading lines of the jetty – virtual to boot – and the choice to centre the scene. This latter element works for two reasons: the first is more obvious, in the tone of the clouds, which are brightest where the lines target them and more dynamically expressive on the sides; the second reason is because of the anchoring of the outer leading lines provided by the jetty – virtual anchoring, perhaps, but firmly planted into the corners.

The whole is not harmed by the contrast within the wood… or should I say between the wood and the bird droppings that crown each in whiteness. That the beach is kept in the frame, providing a baseline of foreground interest that then extends though the ruined structure, also gives the image strength. And yes, as mentioned, there are the clouds, roiling with excitement, to cap the entire experience.

Another masterful piece of work.

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