The eye of the storm..

Regularly features in these listings, Ananya Rubayat (dream_maze) has produced yet another image deserving of compositional analysis.

The eye of the storm..

At first glance, this image appears to be a playful swirl that draws one in with playful aplomb. It is far more than this, perfectly balanced in so many ways, though the fundamental tool used is almost hidden in the maelstrom of motion.

Perhaps the most intriguing compositional element is the curve of that sweep of cloth, which acts as a containing leading line, spiralling attention into the heart of the image: the texture across its line, giving it further dimension, is key to its effectiveness.

The image is of course made by the photographer-model’s eye, flirtatiously peeking out from behind the chaos of the spiral which both leads in to it, and frames it. Is it any surprise that it sits perfectly on the intersection of a primary horizontal golden ratio and a secondary vertical? Such is the power of golden ratios that they create very strong balancing points.

And what should we make of the door frame used as a framing element for the whole scene? It could so easily detract, but instead it supports based on its judicious position – the line between frame and wall being on the tertiary golden ratio.

A truly heavenly image.

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