invisible force

Keeping up with the run of recent post, now we return to black and white with an interesting piece of work from Jessica Islam Lia (evening sun.).

invisible force

There is perhaps not a lot, from a subject perspective, to this image. It still manages to be a excellent piece of composition. The razor-thin depth of field gets the subject to stand out starkly in the sea of soft tones, and the variance in focus creates two triangles that point inexorably to it. The expansion of that line, of course, allows it to connect on either side, if only virtually, with opposite corners, thereby setting up a strong diagonal through the whole image.

An interesting detail about the focal point is that it sits very nearly on the horizontal mid-point, and the vertical golden ratio; the abstract nature of the whole meaning that the precision of these alignments is not necessary – the hint of them is sufficient.

There is, moreover, another compositional element within this image – one many people may not immediately notice: a very subtle framing that also tilts the frame of reference. There are echoes, in the soft variance of tone, of a mesh structure, albeit only one vertical and one horizontal line of each, lower left, tilted slightly clockwise. The dominant intersection of these shades is on a primary/secondary golden ration intersection, for good measure.

Far more depth than the sliver of focus first implies.

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