waiting for a rainy day.

Coming very close to back to back featured images, next up we have Jessica Islam Lia (evening sun.) once again.

There are several ways this image can be viewed. Once could decipher it, identify the umbrella, and think of it in that context. Or one could embrace the form, the subtle loss of focus, the flurry of specular highlight that give the whole a dreamy feel. I personally prefer this second take: it releases the image’s powerful – almost violent – composition.

That we are viewing the edge of an umbrella means that there is a natural triangle resulting from its form. This provides direction into the lower corner, establishing a strong diagonal through the scene, and meaning that the swarm of specular highlights is reacting to that incoming element. The rack of tonal ridges within the umbrella’s triangle also help to emphasise that sense of direction, from which springs the conflict of dark and light.

And yet… we can always leave the abstraction and return to that one metallic node that is in sharp focus…

Rainy days will never be dreary again.

  1. thank you Rick. 🙂

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