java script

It would be unconscionable to return to regular posting without again highlighting the work of Jenny Downing. So here is another of her poignant works.

java script

While a little effort reveals to the inquisitive mind what that this is a picture of, it is the abstract nature of it at first glance and the “technical disappearing” act it involves that makes it a good work.

Interestingly, the only element of the image in focus is a band of the tabletop, a mottled brown mirror that is – the image’s one weakness – a little too dusty. The dominant feature of the scene is the reflection in that tabletop, which comes across as a three-dimensional, silvery apple – through which we see aspects of the subject not in the frame in the top corner, where the subject resides. The eye is drawn to that large shape with its shiny stalk.

But then, we view the same subject without reflection: the saucer and spoon as they anchor the entire picture in the top right corner, and we wonder how so fragile a spoon could possibly be reflected with such body. Is it not ephemeral, barely protruding beyond the edge of the china? And there, the magic of well-controlled depth of field makes what we see in reflection all but disappear in the version we see directly.

All, so far, has dwelt on the right side of the image, for it is one that has a large component of negative space to offset the subject’s duplication.

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