Is it an abstract…?

My return to posting coincided well with the return of Claire McFarlane (missnoma) from her tropical holiday.

They say that balance comes in threes – or any odd number for that matter. This is an excellent example of that theorem: the eye flits effortlessly between the three lines of wing, leaving the mind to wonder if it is real, or simply made to look like a butterfly (three wings, without a matching pattern between two of them does not sound right for a single butterfly – but what would I know?). That the wings pinch together more at one end than the other also adds a triangular element to the composition

The placement of this triplet of lines along the diagonal keep the whole abstraction contained within the frame, and the contrasting alternation of bright and dark banding between the edge-on layering of wings provides a sense of evolution and change as one’s gaze drifts across the line of the dominant diagonal.


  1. Exquisite. Thank you. I think it’s real alright. A Monarch would be my guess.

    • Claire McFarlane
    • March 21st, 2012

    Thank you Rick, made my day….
    Still not dry or ready to fly… 🙂

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