Lead balloon

And this run of quick-succession posts brings us at last to this light work from Hennie Schaper (Art Rock).

Lead balloon

There are no prizes for guessing the dominant compositional element I am going to highlight here. It is clearly the diagonal. And, of course, simplicity (interestingly, the first time in a year I have picked up on that trait).

The gravity-defying nature of this part of a sculpture is an immediate draw: it just looks so at odds with reality that one cannot help but question one’s sense. It is easy to make assumptions about how the shot was achieved, yet it is a simple representation of reality, and someone else made it possible.


But that is not its composition – that is simply a sharp eye for the unusual, and an inherent ability to frame oddities to make them interesting; one of the key skills for good composition. And this is wonderfully interesting, not only because of the floating of something so heavy, but also because of the textural detail in the ball, and the soft gradient that anchors the image vertically (yes, it is the grey rather than the chain that is the anchor), thereby emphasising the “floating” nature of the balloon.

Quite… well, uplifting.

  1. Yes, keep them coming. It’s a nice 9pm treat to help the evening along!

      • Rick Yagodich
      • March 21st, 2012

      That all depends on those whose images I analyse to post enough of sufficient compositional quality…

    • Claire McFarlane
    • March 21st, 2012

    Wonderful choice Rick of Hennie’s cleverly sculptured photograph….

  2. Thanks Rick, much obliged.

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