It has been a while since I have featured anything from David Gumbrell (Auribins), but this definitely deserves the attention.


Whereas it is easy to make an organic scene look comfortable, something like this that is nought but harsh geometry is a much harder subject to turn pleasing. Here, it has been done masterfully. Of immediate interest is the use of silhouette as the dominant compositional theme, along with the repetition of form and structure: horizontals and verticals dominate, their spacings in each instance consistent (creating, as at the top, patterns of divergence where perspective comes into play, the lines gradually stepping further apart the higher one goes.

But it does not stop there. Despite the dominant grid pattern, this image clearly contains a a double S-curve: each half, vertically, is sinuous. Add to this the horizontal spacing: the inner edges of the side stairs sit perfectly upon golden ratios within the image. Also, despite the activity of the stairs, the patterns there, it is cross hair – the element which gives the shot its title – that is the subject. Everything else is negative space.

A clean kill.

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