lost elephant seal

After a very long break, it is time for an emotive image from my Flickr contact Florian Sprenger (mav_at).

lost elephant seal

Death. It is disturbingly photogenic, when approached in the right way. There is a powerful story told. This is no exception: the form, large and sinuous, recedes out of focus to the depths of timelessness: a powerful S-curve (which is a very lively shape). The curve is subtle enough that it combines into two other compositional principles: the diagonal, and the triangle, both formed from the same skeletal elephant seal.

But it is the skull, dominant, that holds our attention, perched as it is on the disturbed texture of the foreground sand. Its stark tones and sharp focus pull it forward, assisted but the diagonal/triangle/S-curve of the body, which is itself framed subtly by the dark background elements in/near the upper corners.

And then, there is the mysterious organic detail to be seen inside the skull, through the nose hole. Some living structure that has survived the ravages of time, weather and scavengers.

Very emotive.

    • Florian Sprenger
    • March 30th, 2012

    Thanks a lot for your nice words and your interpretation! At the moment, I am so busy that I don’t find enough time to take pictures, but I hope to be able to upload new pictures soon!

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