When it comes to model photography, one of the best I know is Andy Poupart (andy_57); he not only captures his subjects looking stunning, he adds strong composition.

There are several factors that make this image more than just a wonderfully image of an attractive girl. The first – the most obvious – is the lighting. While Liz is strongly lit all around, there is a sinuous line nearest the camera that is in shadow: her hair is ablaze on one side, her face glows on the other, yet there is still a mood of mystery in the shadow between. (Could this classify as a particular form of diptych?) This is a lighting technique used much in film – slightly confusing as it is rarely realistic – but one that really captures personality and presence.

That shadow line gives us the first instance of another feature that makes this image work so well: the S-curve. It is an emphasis of the same curve in Liz’ pose: strong but gentle tones of femininity.

The last major compositional element at play here is present no less than seven times: the triangle. The subtlest are the two halves of Liz’ face, in light and in shadow. The area of her hair and face is the third, and this is a subset of the one between hair and elbow. Two more are formed by her arms, with the last being the tight musculature of her abdomen: a powerful example of seductive physique.

Additional to this, we have the lighting, creating a blue aura behind Liz (on a perfect golden ratio line, as it happens), lifting her out of the plain darkness of the rest of the background.

Compellingly sensual.

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